Survey Question

About You

Quetion 1

Your mind is always buzzing with unexplored ideas and plans.

Quetion 2

Generally speaking, you rely more on your experience than your imagination.

Quetion 3

You find it easy to stay relaxed and focused even when there is some pressure.

Quetion 4

You rarely do something just out of sheer curiosity.

Quetion 5

People can rarely upset you.

Quetion 6

It is often difficult for you to relate to other people’s feelings.

Quetion 7

In a discussion, truth should be more important than people’s sensitivities.

Quetion 8

You rarely get carried away by fantasies and ideas.

Quetion 9

You think that everyone's views should be respected regardless of whether they are supported by facts or not.

Quetion 10

You feel more energetic after spending time with a group of people.

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